12 April 2010

The art of Reworking,Reusing, Re-purposing jewelry...


the earring

<----------(the bracelet)

I have this junk pile of jewelery things that I've made,a pile of earrings,rings,bracelets pieces that I thought was a good idea but once completed did not look good, so it ended up in the junk pile. Every now and again I go through this pile for inspiration. I can see how certain collections began. Some of the pieces in my pile remind me of ideas that I did not quite take all the way , but somehow still has bits and pieces of good ideas that still inspire me.However it is quite a collection.
Now about those finished pieces of jewelry.I had an earring on my mind I wanted to try.I did not want to go into the district to buy more material. To me that would have been a waste of money,since I was only trying out a piece. I decided to search my junk pile and WALAH, there is a bracelet!It was the same thickness material I wanted to use and there was enough of it to make the full earring.I did not feel like I was wasting material and since this was a re-purposed item I did not feel like I was wasting money. I then looked in my junk pile again and found some other things I could cut apart and re-use! That was such a good feeling! I was able to re-create from pieces that served me well( as inspiration) but I did not need any more!
After that a good friend of mine wanted to re-purpose a bracelet. We assessed the material and figured we could make a ring, earrings and a pendant! He loved it and honestly I did too. The idea that I could take something apart and create a few pieces that were more current and exciting, made me feel happy.
So now I am happily re-purposing old memories turning them into new heirlooms,helping others remain FULLY ACCESSORIZED!
Do you have something that needs to be bought up to speed?

P.S. I will actually learn how to post the pictures in the correct order, I promise!!!!!

02 February 2010

Clean Space-Clear mind-Great pieces!!!!

Okay so I have 2 shows that I scheduled for the month of March which for me means I need to clean my work area! I am not quite sure what I am creating yet but in order for me to "see" clearly, I need all tools in it's right place.
When I first started making jewelry I used to work in what I called "squalor". I had tools all over the place, I had to tip toe through piles of paper and scrap on the floor. It never bothered me until I started going deeper into my craft. I would try to do the same thing but........Okay so here is the set up of my old space-
I am sitting at my bench,
-torch in my left hand blazing fire
-tweezers in my right hand ready to move and shift and connect
-BIG OLE PIECE OF PAPER CRAP on the floor to my right(where I can see it magnetized 25 times)...........................
I would be so distracted! The only thing I could concentrate on was the paper crap that kept waving at me from the corner of my eye! I would have to stop what I was doing ( when heating metal it is not the best idea to stop in the middle and go back to reheating)and throw that paper away! When I realized I needed a clean area to work, cleaning up would be hell. I would let my space get so runned over that it would take a day to clean!
I am happy to say I keep my space mainly clean. These days to clean my "squalor" filled work place takes 2 hours and thats only because I have this new labeling system and I am obsessed with putting everything back in the box,problem with that is I forget why I thought it was a good idea to put large files in the same box with broken saw frames and I sit and think about it for 12 mins. Yeah my memory is not so great.This new work area gives me time to clean, sage it down ,spray it with peppermint oil ,drink tea and get to work!
So I am happy to say Clean Space, Clear mind, Great pieces!!!
Until the next time we speak ,stay FULLY ACCESSORIZED!

04 January 2010

2010 Creative Resolutions!

I usually don't make New Years resolutions. In fact I never do. I just decide that the new year will be better than the last. Finish end of story. This year however I am going to do new things, step outside of Sistaphyre's box and try something different.I decided to write down every little thing I want to achieve in 2010, even going to the spa once a month....(I had to include that, just to remind me!)
So here are 5 of my Creative Resolutions for 2010;

1-I will create something everyday.
I usually wait for some inspiration to hit then I work around the clock to get it done. This year I will go into all of my sketches and choose 1 thing to make.I will have something new everyday.
2-I will photograph everything I make.
I usually get so lazy after making a piece. I finish, enjoy the finished piece myself..... then hand it over to the client without a picture. I will no longer do that. It is kind of selfish of me because I have all of these great pieces in my head, but no one else sees them. No more....
3-I will continue to obsess over new techniques. I will try them out, master them, then keep that info under my belt until I am ready to use them.
I can remember being 4 or 5 and completely obsessed with what was in my fathers watch. I took it apart and put it back together piece by piece and it still worked.It took me all day. I remember finally looking up and it was dark outside. I still do that, go totally bonkers over a technique and will research and read and learn everything I can about it. Once I am satisfied that I know it in my bones....on to the next obsession. I like that part of me I will keep it.
4-I will seize every opportunity to create outside of my norm.
I will keep looking for different ways to challenge myself. Not everything beautiful is precious metal and precious gemstones.I will bring beauty to non precious metal and materials and showcase that very chance I get. My inspiration being Alice Walker's poem, We alone. check it out.
5-I will create SOMETHING everyday.
I know I already said this but it is very important for me. Being idle gets me in all kinds of trouble. I love to create anything. Whether it be cooking something from scratch. Sewing something using a pattern then throwing the pattern to the side to make my own garment! Anything I do with my hands gives me great pleasure and I PROMISE to do something everyday!

So these are my 5 creative resolutions.Did you make any? What are they? I would love to know!

24 December 2009

First day blogging..........

Hello all,
This is my first time blogging at all and I have no clue what to say? Sort of like being put on the spot after claiming to know everything and clamming up! Any how I decided to do a blog because I can't be the only one obsessed with metal smithing? I mean anything metal makes me happy! I am excited about different techniques and how to present them using my vision. Yeah I know that is corny but all artist have a unique point of view and I like to believe that mine is so different someone out there would like to hear about it?
I also sew leather and denim accessories!!!! Yeah hence the The Art of Being Fully Accessorized!!
I love accessories. I use to jones over shoes but these days its all about the earring and rings ( lucky cause I make them) and belts with massive metal buckles and bold bracelets that you stack until you can't pick up your arm!!!!!! All so exciting.
So I guess I will talk about the challenges of being an independent jeweler/metalsmith and where my inspiration comes from. I will also let you know about new pieces I am working on and different shows I will be participating in.
Also if you have any info you want to share or questions feel free to join in the discussion.Until then remember to stay FULLY ACCESSORIZED!
. PEACE!!!